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Chapter 2417: You Are Really a Genius, Chap

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Ferdinand marveled at Mags smooth actions in the kitchen.

Just like an artist spraying his paint, the colorful side ingredients leaped in the wok.

A huge bunch of kebabs were flipping over the grill.

The small earthenware pot was bubbling next to it.

Soon, he removed a helping of braised chicken from the big pot at the side.

The one-man-kitchen had undertaken the different requirements and expectations of hundreds of customers.

However, even so, he seemed so relaxed and calm.

At first, Ferdinand thought Mag had opened the restaurant for fun, but it seemed like he was wrong now.

Mag was being serious.


Among all the chefs he had met before, none of them could compare to him.

It was enjoyable to watch him cook.

Dish after dish were sent out from the kitchen to the customers tables.

Ferdinand, who was sitting at the kitchens entrance, smelled all kinds of aromas.

Those dishes that had an enticing glow, gave out astonishingly scrumptious aromas.

Even someone like him who no longer had too many mortal desires, couldnt help but to gulp.

“Although we can watch Boss Mag cook when we sit here, its a torture to watch others dishes move past us,” Vivian said glumly.

Ferdinand nodded in agreement before saying to Vivian with a smile, “Excuse me, may I be so bold as to ask you about your occupation”

“Me Im Hope Schools teacher,” Vivian said, but there was a hint of pride in her calm smile.

“Being a teacher is admirable.” Ferdinand was surprised, but he began to look at Vivian with an increasingly favorable gaze.

If Vicki was half as obedient as her, she wouldnt have left home and not contacted her family members for a whole year.

“Mister, what do you sell Did you come from Rodu” Vivian also asked curiously.

Ferdinand nodded and said, “Yes.

I am in the metal business.

I went to the dwarves to buy my stock and happened to pass by Chaos City.

I especially came to try out this restaurant.”

Vivian smilingly said, “Oh, I see.

I heard that the railroad from Rodu to the dwarves is under construction.

Once the railroad is finished, your metal items can be sent back through the railroad.

It will be much more convenient then.”

“I have heard about this railroad too.

Apparently, it is a big iron cow that doesnt need to eat grass.

Who invented such an amazing thing” Ferdinand asked curiously.

Ferdinand had already seen the expanding railroads on the Norland Continent on his way over earlier.

Be it the invention of the steam trains, or rapid laying of the railroads, they were all done within this one year.

The maturity of the technique was astonishing.

Ferdinand even suspected that there were smugglers from Underground City who had taken part in it and taught them the technology.

“Im not sure about that either.

I think whoever invented that marvelous thing must be a genius like Boss Mag.” Vivian cast a glance at Mag in the kitchen with a gaze full of admiration.

“Oh yes.

Boss Mag and I are even colleagues.

Hes also a teacher from Hope School.

He is teaching the children to cook.” Vivian added on.

“Hes also a teacher” Ferdinand was even more surprised.

It was fine that the Norland Continents top powerhouse opened a restaurant and became a chef… but he was, in fact, a teacher as well.

“Yes, Boss Mag is very popular among the children.” Vivian nodded and lamented.

“Hes such an outstanding man.

It seems like he is great at anything he does.”

Just as Ferdinand and Vivian were chatting, their dishes were finally served.

“Hello, your spicy grilled fish, red braised pork, the eggplant with garlic sauce and savory tofu are all served.” A voice spoke next to his ear.

Four dishes floated out from the kitchen slowly and were placed in front of him one by one.

The first aroma to greet his nose was the spicy grilled fishs.

Even Ferdinand, who was used to a lot of things, couldnt help but frown when he smelled that intense spiciness.

His taste was usually light.

He couldnt say no to Vivians strong recommendation, so he ordered a helping.

He thought that the maidens taste shouldnt be strong.

He didnt expect that he had severely underestimated the young peoples perversity now.

An entire spicy grilled fish was displayed on a grilling pan with all kinds of side ingredients.

A layer of red chili was layered over it.

His throat could feel the hostility even before he tasted it.

“Dont worry.

The chilies are simply for appearances.

You will finally understand that the so-calledinsane is just to describe the taste after you start to taste it.” Vivian looked at the hesitant Ferdinand and encouraged him.

“Go on.

Pick up the chopsticks and dig in.”

Ferdinand flicked a glance at Vivian.

He still picked up the chopsticks after a brief moment of hesitation.

He was the Underground Citys Grand Marshal.

How could he be scared of a dish

After sweeping the cut chilies away, the grilled fish with crispy golden skin finally revealed itself.

Its rainbow color could still be seen vaguely, especially on the head and the tail.

The dark red sauce was drizzled over the fish, covering the onions and glass noodles underneath.

The tender green spring onions were sprinkled over the patch of red.

It was steaming due to the heat from the grill pan.

It looked like a beautiful painting.

Ferdinand picked up a piece of fish.

“You have to dip it in the sauce for it to have a soul.” Vivian reminded him.

Ferdinand obeyed her instructions and dipped the tender white fish in the sauce before popping it into his mouth.




After holding it in for three seconds, Ferdinands face finally turned red.

The intense spiciness attacked his oral cavity crazily.

His taste buds turned from spicy to pain, and then to numbness.

In the short three seconds, he had experienced an excitement that he had never experienced in the past few hundreds of years.

Ferdinand clenched his fists instinctively.

Energy was coursing through his body.

He could barely restrain his power that almost burst out.

“This spiciness is indeed insane.” Ferdinand lamented inwardly as he looked at the grilled fish in front of him.

After being used to the light diet that his secretary prepared for him daily, that mouthful of spicy grilled fish had indeed caught him unawares.

However, after the impact of the intense spiciness, the crispy fish skin and tender fish meat began to slowly release its scrumptious flavor.

In that instant, he seemed to have seen a big fish with beautiful colors swimming in the deep ocean.

He swallowed the fish meat and he felt as though he had swallowed a lump of fire.

A heated sensation spread all over his body.

Surprisingly, the spicy sensation wasnt released in his stomach again.

Instead, he felt very comfortable all over.

Of course, this sensation didnt alleviate the spiciness in his mouth.

After swallowing the fish meat, the spiciness appeared in his mouth again, as though it was hurrying him to take another bite.

Of course, Ferdinand could reject it, but he decided to listen to his bodys decision this time.

The chopsticks moved towards the fish again.

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